Sergeant Major Anna Lea Seago, US Army (retired) known as Lea has a varied career history which can be considered upside down, right side up. Her military career at age 34 began after successful careers as a journalist and interior designer. Her advanced education was in the field of Art and Interior Design with a minor in Journalism.

Recently, Lea was guest speaker for Operation Confidence “Tribute to our Disabled Veterans” at the Los Angeles Sports Arena representing the Women’s Army Corps Veterans’ Association, Army Women United. SGM Seago was inducted into the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame, Class of 2013. She was awarded the Legion of Honor Humanitarian Award by The Chapel of Four Chaplains, 2015 and was awarded the Order of St. Joan d’Arc from the US Armor Association for her significant volunteer contributions and welfare of the Armor and Cavalry Communities.

The VMLC is a leader in recognizing the sacrifice of those that have, are and will wear the uniform. When they are in need of support and/or encouragement the VMLC is there. Lea wants to continue her professional volunteer time and energy for this purpose: to work with those of the same concern and interest for the people of Arizona.