Phoenix Rising's Partnership with VMLC

Thank you to the Phoenix Rising Football Club (Soccer) for partnering with the Veterans Medical Leadership Council (VMLC). Their recently held Military Appreciation match on July 3rd vs. the LA Galaxy II set an attendance record with 8,815 people in the stands!

The Phoenix Rising have generously agreed to continue this partnership for all of their remaining home games this season (10 matches).

To support the Veteran’s Medical Leadership Council (VMLC) as you enjoy a thrilling Phoenix Rising Football Club (soccer) game, click the link below for a special discounted rate, with $3 of every ticket purchased being donated to the VMLC!

Founded in 1999 with the singular mission of supporting the Veterans of the Greater Phoenix Valley who have a need which cannot be legally addressed by the Veterans Administration, the State of Arizona and other Federal and State Offices, the VMLC works in concert with these organizations to ensure Arizona Veterans needs are not left un-met.