Frequently Asked Questions

How fast will the veteran get a check?

Once approved the check is sent within a few days directly to the landlord or organization where a debt is due. Never directly to the Veteran.

What in kind support are you seeking?

We have received support ranging from trucks and helicopters to deliver PPE supplies, clothes, toys, and small refrigerators. We receive donations that are earmarked for specific support like water container units.

Can a veteran approach the VMLC directly?

No. Our process is simple, you must be engaged with a VA social worker to be vetted.

I’m a Veteran outside of Maricopa County how can I get supported?

Arizona has over 500,000 Veterans and approximately 50 percent live in Maricopa County. Unfortunately we can’t help everyone due to limited resources. Our Returning Warriors fund which works directly with the Social Workers at the Phoenix VA Medical Center, is focused on helping Veterans in Maricopa County. When we learned of the dire situation of our Veterans due to Covid in 2020 in the Navajo Nation - it was tough to stand by and not help. We collaborated with a variety of organizations to help. Our intentions are to still help them with others but our focus is on our Veterans in Maricopa County in need.

Are there similar organizations like VMLC in other states?

Not to our knowledge. If anyone would like create a Veteran support group like ours we would be willing to help and consult.

Is the VMLC only supporting veterans in Maricopa?

Our mission has evolved, and we have started to help others outside Maricopa. Our biggest support has been for the Navajo Nation Veterans living off the grid, especially during the Covid pandemic. Note: We have recently started supporting the VA in Prescott

What’s next?

Our strategy is to support our Vets in Navajo Country with solar units that will run small refrigerators to hold vital medicine for the many diabetics we have learned about.

What is the cost to sponsor a veteran in the Warrior PATHH program for Post-Traumatic Stress?

$6250 will sponsor one Veteran for the entire year long program