Cynthia is a two tour OIF/OEF combat veteran. She served as a Sergeant in the Marine Corps from 2002-2010. Cynthia’s background and education fall within the realms of business administration, customer service, broadcasting and advocacy for mental health within the military/veteran and first responder space.

Her interests include supporting other women, child development programs and support for dependents of military/veteran and first responder families.

Cynthia is currently the Help for Heroes Liaison for Springstone’s Help for Heroes Program at Copper Springs Behavior Health Hospital. There she has the opportunity to create genuine relationships with, and educate veteran service organizations, military installations, first responder entities and community providers who serve both the military (actively serving and veteran) and first responder communities about the services provided at Copper Springs.

Additionally, while employed at USAA, Cynthia not only was able to serve veterans and their families, but was also afforded the opportunity to educate her colleagues and peers on military culture.

Cynthia was awarded the Ambassador Award as the E-3 Call Quality Award for Excellence.

Cynthia proudly serves on (Arizona) Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s Veterans Advisory Council and the Phoenix VA’s Mental Health Advocacy Council.